"Keep incorporating the music, the dancing, the humor, the role-play, the knowledge, the resources, the wonderful well-put packages (leaflets), and your positive energy."
- from an anonymous evalution form at one of Martha’s workshops  

All of those years of teaching aerobics for the YMCA (See Bio pages) have come in handy. Even though some found my classes physically challenging, they came anyway because we always managed to have a good time. In my workshops and presentations, we may discuss difficult, sobering, or rigorous topics but we still manage to have a good time. I provide experiential presentations to organizations and groups on these and other topics:   Photo by Bill Scala
  • Give Grief a Voice: Creative Approaches to Loss
  • Assessing Client Loss: An Aid in Treatment Planning
  • Use of Self in Psychotherapy: Ins and Outs of Therapist Self-Disclosure
  • From Self-Neglect to Self Care: Survival Skills for Caregivers
  • When Grief & Loss Re-Surface: Anniversary Reactions & Other Tough Times
  • Treating Substance Abuse and Codependency
  • A Very Full Plate: Termination, Grieving and Therapist Self-Care
  • From Selfless to Self-Possessed: Treating the Codependent or ACA Client
  • From Violence to Voice: Creative Approaches for Survivors

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