Martha’s creative approaches to working with grief became immediately effective for me when I had a chance to use them for myself. Her experiential approach makes it easy to remember what she teaches and use in the service of clients. She is a warm, bright, compassionate presenter and her material and the flow of the day is incredibly well organized.

~ Roz Leiser,R.N. Executive Director, Life Transitions Network

I had the privilege of attending Martha's workshop, entitled "A Very Full Plate," in October 2010. In addition to being kind and warm, Martha is a dynamic speaker, and skillfully presented an ambitious agenda that was informative, valuable, and very accessible. I came away from the session with many new ideas about how to work with my clients, as well as specific ways to attend to self care. What a nice surprise to experience a workshop on working with grief as uplifting and even fun! I strongly recommend that all practitioners attend any presentation Martha offers.

~ Toni Rey, MFTI

Here is a video-taped endorsement by Grief Counselor, Jan Austin, MFT. 


Martha has consistently been the favorite among presenters at our agency. Hers have been the most inspirational, motivating and well-received of the many trainings I've coordinated. Energetic, authentic and extremely knowledgeable, Martha presents a wonderful role model for becoming an expert clinician.

~ Kathy O'Shea, MFT: Clinical Director,
Youth and Family Assistance, 2001-2003

You bring strength, warmth, and power to your participants. Sometimes "helping" one person see her own power is worth more than being in the presence of a thousand. That's the gift you gave me; your caring guidance in that writing exercise led me to a scene that holds much value to me now, as a writer, and as a woman. The way you get people to open up and trust you is inspiring. Thank you!

~ Teresa LeYung Ryan, author of LOVE MADE OF HEART
(Teresa advocates compassion for mental illness
and helps survivors-of-violence find their voices.
Visit her at www.LoveMadeOfHeart.com.)

Over two years ago I attended two different trainings presented by Martha, on Self-Care and Grief and Loss. I'm still applying words of wisdom and practical application for both my clients and myself personally. Martha models for any therapist, new or old, how to address difficult topics in a real and genuine way. Outstanding, just outstanding!

~ Vickie Worthington, MFTI

Martha is an inspiration to those of us who have been given the gift to help others in their healing process. She is incredibly authentic and speaks directly from the heart in a way that is both warm and motivating. There is a sense of comfort and care that exudes her presentations, and as an audience, we feel well taken care of.

~ Michael Sally, LMFT - former Associate Executive Director,
Youth and Family Assistance

The following comments were culled from anonymous evaluation forms filled out at the end of Martha's workshops or talks:

"Excellent presenter: prepared and real."

"You are very energetic and fun."

"It felt like the different pieces of the training came together very well."

"I feel that I am walking away with tools that I wasn't sure of before."

"Excellent training. You have a lot of energy and are inspiring without preaching."

"Martha was great and energetic and the topics felt relevant and we were all involved."


"You have a way of putting people at ease."

"I like your very real, down-to-earth presentation and anecdotes."

"I think you did a service for many of the individuals in the room in discovering and observing their feelings about 9/11 and their private losses."

"Thanks for sharing anecdotes about your own life, it helps me."

"Thanks for being so personable and warm and creating such a safe space for all of us."

"I admired your feedback, expertise and tact in handling such a difficult subject."

"Thank you! What a wonderful gift! You give me courage to use my creativity rather than deny it -- people need it so much!"

"Wonderful training! You are an inspirational and motivational speaker."


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